Auburn Bay Community Garden Updates

Update October 10, 2023: Thank you for everyone who helped make the 2023 growing season another success. We hope you enjoyed and look forward to seeing you next year.

Update November 7, 2022: Gardens is done for the season and CLICK HERE! if you would like to be added to the 2023 list of available spaces. Please note Hands On Growing will not be signing the extension lease on the LRT site.

Update August 18, 2022: Gardens is officially open, please note the spaces are rented by local gardeners for them to harvest. We are working on getting something done for them to advertise if they have items to give away.

We are hosting a Garden Grand Opening on Saturday September 16, 2022 with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10am followed by cake and light refreshments. Everyone is welcome to join us to celebrate all the hard efforts of getting the gardens open in time.

Update May 2, 2022: Larger steel beds for the CA site have been ordered and expect them to be delivered in the coming weeks. The smaller 3×3 have been moved to the CA site so that the upgrades can be completed before opening the new garden site. In the final plans for the dirt, removing sod, and wood chips. Once the site is open and ready, we will start to install the community features as funding allows. Please see the link below for how you can make donation over $50 and receive a tax receipt. Hands on Growing will be continuing for the next 5 years with the LRT site, and allowing any gardeners to continue renting spaces there as well.

Update February 25, 2022: We have started the process of moving the Community Gardens to the permanent site at 234 Auburn Bay Ave SE.  Please CLICK HERE to have your name added to be added to the list to receive updates on the upcoming 2022 gardening season.

Update January 4, 2022: The agreement (LOC) between the CA and the City of Calgary, to move the community gardens is moving forward. We are looking to develop the NE corner of the site at 234 Auburn Bay Ave SE, in early Spring. We are still discussing the LRT site and what city would like to see to be done there. More details to come in the next months…

Update August 27, 2021: We have been having a rash of vandalism at the gardens with various resident’s seeing the group of young boys / teens hanging around the gardens just to pick veggies to throw at vehicles driving along 52nd street. Please ensure to speak to your children about the importance of respecting other people’s property, hard work, and dangerous consequences of distracting a driver. The area is meant for all to use in a respectful manner. The police have notified and will be driving by more often to try to catch the culprits before something serious happens.

Fundraising Options for the project:

Donations made via the Calgary Parks Foundation ONLINE SYSTEM, will receive a Charitable Donation Receipt.

Fresh Herbs and Leafy Greens – Year Round

Online Education Options for the community:

Thank you to everyone who attended out online classes. We will be setting up a survey for future classes.

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