Auburn Bay Community Garden:

Update August 27, 2021: We have been having a rash of vandalism at the gardens with various resident’s seeing the group of young boys / teens hanging around the gardens just to pick veggies to throw at vehicles driving along 52nd street. Please ensure to speak to your children about the importance of respecting other people’s property, hard work, and dangerous consequences of distracting a driver. The area is meant for all to use in a respectful manner. The police have notified and will be driving by more often to try to catch the culprits before something serious happens.

Fundraising Options for the project:

Donations made via the Calgary Parks Foundation ONLINE SYSTEM, will receive a Charitable Donation Receipt.

Fresh Herbs and Leafy Greens – Year Round

Online Education Options for the community:

Thank you to everyone who attended out online classes. We will be setting up a survey for future classes.

To Rent a Plot CLICK HERE! (Wait List Only)

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