About Us

Auburn Bay Community Association (ABCA)

The Auburn Bay Community Association (ABCA) is a volunteer-based organization that supports a variety of community programs and initiatives throughout Auburn Bay. The ABCA also represents the community with all levels of government, schools, and police. The community association is comprised of a committed group of volunteers who ensure your voice is heard for all things relating to Auburn Bay! 

You’re probably wondering how the ABCA is different from the Resident’s Association or Auburn House, you can learn more about that here.

Community Center

At this time, the land at 234 Auburn Bay Ave is designated for the community association. There is currently a storage shed on the property for special events equipment. Our goal is to raise enough funds to build and maintain a property on this land. A community center would offer many benefits for members to enjoy for years to come. Having a new space within the community would offer residents a variety of special events, rental options, business opportunities and more. Bottom line –  a new community center would be pretty awesome to have here within Auburn Bay! 

City of Calgary Community Associations

The ABCA works closely with our neighboring partner at the City of Calgary – this helps bring great City programming initiatives through our community like summer day drop offs, community clean up, etc.

Calgary’s Community Associations are vital in creating and sustaining communities throughout the city. With more than 150 Community Associations, Calgary boasts a diverse group of volunteers who support community programs and events, community safety, and community development initiatives. Please visit Calgary Community Associations.