Community Garden

For contacts and updates on the Community Garden – New Permanent Garden on CA site to open Spring 2022.

Call us at 403-744-5301 ext 2

Email us at

February 11, 2022 Update:

Currently the City of Calgary has approved the lease on the future CA site at 234 Auburn Bay Ave SE. We are just in the process of getting a grant that would pay for the cost of the design of the gardens. Please see the CA site page for an approximate size of the gardens. To be added to the list please CLICK HERE!

June 9, 2021 Update:

Garden has officially opened for planting and all of the plots have been rented out and a waitlist for the larger plots. We have (4) of the smaller plots planted with items (potatoes & zucchini) that will be donated once they are ready for harvesting.

We have secured a shed for the site to store some smaller gardening implements, (2) large water tanks, and watering cans. We decided to go with a manual hand watering system to conserve the water that had to hauled in. So far it has been going well, and we just found out today that the Condo beside the garden will allow us to fill the tanks a couple of times a week this year.

We are currently planning (2) events for this summer at the gardens: A community meet & greet and also a Stepping Stone Fundraiser. More details to follow (here and on Auburn Bay Community Garden Facebook page) as event planning progresses.

May 27, 2021 Update:

Effective this morning the site is very muddy, and isn’t conducive to planting. We will stop by again later today to see if conditions have improved so that we can continue to work on it, and will post & email as soon as it is open for planting. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.

May 24, 2021 Update:

We would like to take this time to thank Josh from Hands on Growing and our dedicated volunteers that have helped us build and prepare 24 – 8′ x 3′, and 16 – 3′ x 3′ plots. They are now all on site and filled with dirt / compost in preparation for planting. The last details is our water source and wood chips for around the beds. We had hoped the weather would co-operate, but we have continued on with all the work even through the wind and rain. We look forward to announcing the official opening of the Garden.

May 10, 2021 Update:

Unfortunately our build weekend was rained out, and we hope the weather will hold for the grading & clean up of the site in preparation of wood chips to be delivered, in time for our next build weekend. The issue we face is that we are only allowed (5) people on site at a time.